Your City South-East, Your Voice!

Adelaide’s City South-East is a dynamic, sustainable, and inclusive environment where the blend of suburban comfort with a cosmopolitan flair creates a unique and inviting neighbourhood experience. Hutt Street stands as the heart of the City South-East, providing a village-like cluster of cafés and restaurants, alongside all your everyday necessities.

Meanwhile, the surrounding streets are quickly becoming culinary hotspots, with new restaurants and cafés popping up amidst a mix of townhouses and apartments. Nature lovers will appreciate the peaceful Park Lands nearby, including the sprawling Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi, Wetlands and Pelzer Park/Pityarilla.

Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi offers breathtaking views of the Adelaide Hills and city skyline, along with a dog-friendly area and a cycling track. The Adelaide Himeji Gardens provides a quiet escape with its traditional Japanese garden design.

Welcome to City South-East, where suburban comfort meets city excitement, and the great outdoors is right at your doorstep!

This is your neighbourhood and we want to hear your voice!

Events in City South-East